Photographs of Me and You and Everyone We Know

by Hans Malm

With a text by Micael Dahlen


Released September, 2015


In the fall of 2012, the photographer Hans Malm took a photograph of a man in an alley in Stockholm. Always with his camera at the ready, Malm as usual took several photographs on his walk home through the city. When he then eyed through the day's harvest of images, he was struck by the fact that the man walking in the alley was talking on his mobile phone, as were most of the other individuals in the rest of the photographs. Or else surfing, sending text messages, listening to music, filming or engaging in some other activity with their mobiles.

This became the start of an extensive photographic study of how our mobiles or smartphones have transformed our behaviour patterns in the streets of the city.

“I would like the viewers of my photographs to feel a sense of recognition, to pause and reflect on their own mobile phone habits. But this is not a condemnation. It's like with with most other thing: there are pros and cons, and I myself am an avid mobile user. I find it interesting to reflect over the good and bad aspects regarding the incessant use of the mobile phone, for every imaginable purpose, all the time,” Malm explains.

In his photo book #mobilism he has gathered nearly four hundred images that are a selection of the over 1600 that he regularly posted on Instagram during the year the project took place. The book also includes a text by Micael Dahlen, writer and Professor of Economics, who captures the mood of our contemporary mobile phone age in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner.

#mobilism is a current pictorial study of our rapidly increasing usage of the mobile phone, everywhere and all the time.

• The book is also a depiction of life in the streets of Stockholm in the early 2010s.

#mobilism includes nearly 400 black and white images in the street photography genre.

Softcover. 416 pages. 390 duotone illustrations, Size 210 x 175 x 35 mm

Edited by Dawid (Björn Dawidsson)

Book design by Lasse Burell

Produced in collaboration with Nina Grundemark,

owner of Grundemark Nilsson Gallery, Berlin